Niels Haun, Ph.D.

With a background in protecting a broad spectrum of optical, medical, semi-conductor, mechanical, electrical, and computer-related innovations, Dr. Niels Haun is increasingly being sought out for his focus on patent protection related to optical technologies and the uncommon combination of experiences, skills, and judgment that he brings to this field.

Dr. Haun often works with Universities and private corporations who rely heavily upon the optical technologies they develop to enhance their reputation and future revenue streams. Typically, clients turn to Dr. Haun on an ongoing basis for patent drafting and prosecution; advice on patenting strategies to achieve desired business outcomes; advice concerning the business impact of patent related issues; defense of patents in contested proceedings before the patent offices and courts of the U.S. and foreign jurisdictions; the greater speed and depth of technical knowledge related to the patenting process; and, the manner in which he makes the entire patenting process as easy as possible for all parties involved.

Dr. Haun has spent much time preparing for this level of expertise. Dr. Haun received his Bachelor of Electrical Engineering with concentration in Solid State Physics from Villanova University, magna cum laude, and a M.S. and a Ph.D. in Optics from the University of Rochester. Dr. Haun received his J.D. from Temple University, magna cum laude. Dr. Haun also brings to his clients the creativity of an inventor (including three patents to his name) and the business knowledge attained through his corporate work in technology research leading to revenue producing technological innovations.

Dr. Haun is a member of the Pennsylvania Bar and is admitted to practice before the United States Patent and Trademark Office.